Famac International- Growing and production of Bio Aloe Vera


Famac cultivates and produces

Biological Aloe Vera



of Biological Aloe Vera



of the body weight

We grow and produce Aloe Vera from the best plantations

Le nostre divisioni aziendali

La ricerca, l’impegno, il lavoro, vengono messi a frutto dalle nostre divisioni aziendali. Tre aree di lavorazione altamente specializzate, per garantire il meglio da ciascun reparto produttivo. Tre volti dell’azienda, strettamente legati da un’unica filosofia aziendale. Ogni divisione ha una sua specificità, un suo marchio, un suo colore. Uniti, i tre marchi si fondono tuttavia in una sola, unica identità: quella della Fa.ma.c. International.


For the finished product, the company has focused its two different lines: the first lines includes production of organic and not organic dietaries supplements, in the food field. The second lines includes the development of cosmetics products. Famac works in herbal sector and in supermarket chains.



In addition to the products service: the extractor has evolved to meet the operational needs grown. The company has features of a highly motivated team and qualified, which makes possible the timely and careful response to costumers demands and market trends. The service of private label for companies and supermarket chains: after a long professional experience, Famac produces food supplements third parties. Form formulation to packaging, each step is designed according to costumer needs. Today we are reality that wants to offer expertise, quick answers, dynamism and flexibility.

Private Label, our production for third parties

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